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Travis Kelce

8 09 2016


Looking For A Home

19 08 2010

In the early summer as I was wandering through my property, someone stumbled across my path. He wasn’t that tall, he wasn’t that outgoing… but he was furry. Deacon, a senior cat, who disappeared a few years prior, had come back to the Turner ranch in search of a home.


Sadly, with a no-pet policy where I’m staying in Vancouver, and landlords who abide by it if it was life or death, I, along with a few others, have been searching for a new home for this beautiful cat. Currently, Deacon is being lodged at Barks ‘n Rec in Trail, with an old high school friend, Sarah Fulcher.

I spoke with Sarah about her business and about Deacon’s progress. First off, what is BnR?

Sarah Fulcher: Bark’s ‘n Rec is a small business that my boyfriend Cam and I started which offers a wide range of pet services. Currently, the main body of the business is dog training, but we also do pet sitting, dog walking, pet photography and custom portraits (paintings). For dog training, I do group lessons for all ages from beginner to advanced. I do private lessons for behavioural problems or people who can’t make private lessons. Read the rest of this entry »

Inception: A Seed Has Been Planted

20 07 2010

Before I begin, let me warn you this ruins the end of Inception. It won’t spoil the whole movie, but I wouldn’t keep reading unless you’ve enjoyed Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece.

Now, the last shot showed the metal top spinning, leaving us wondering if it was a dream or if it was real. People like the ambiguity.

To even argue “real or dream” makes you look like a puppet. Why? Because what Nolan did was inception. He planted an idea in your head. Read the rest of this entry »

Gold Fever Follies: The Overlord, Kyle Collins

10 07 2010

As of July 1, the Rossland Gold Fever Follies began their summer fun. Trapped In The Murphy Inn, my script, was phenomenal. When I passed the baton over to the director, Kyle Collins, I had to make sure he could handle the epic adventure which would take place in the Miner’s Hall twice a day, five days a week.

I quickly learned he graduated from the University of Lethbridge, recently participated in a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles marathon, began emails with, “Message from the Overlord,” and quoted Star Wars constantly. To put it plainly, I knew he was the chosen one. It’s said that he would destroy the Sith, not join them. Bring balance to the force… er, what I’m getting at is I knew he perfect for my script and for Follies.

I took off for the month of June to let Kyle do his magic with the cast. A few days into July, I sat down with him for an exclusive 1-on-1 interview. And, I got right to the point.

Brian Turner: Was my script the best thing you’ve ever read?

Kyle Collins: Absolutely. The narrative was well-developed, including the jokes deriving from situational humour that had developed through story and character growth. The songs fit perfectly in that narrative, and there was a nice transition and unity between those dialogue and the musical components.

Brian Turner: Why, thank you.

Kyle Collins: I feel truly blessed for being one of the first to witness this masterpiece.

Brian Turner: Kyle, please…

Kyle Collins: I see Tony’s and a multimillion film deal on the horizon. Look out Shakespeare, there is a new Bard on the block!

Brian Turner: … Really?

Kyle Collins: No. Read the rest of this entry »

Blame Brodie For Paranormal Activity

2 07 2010

With the release of the teaser for Paranormal Activity 2, it shows how confident Paramount feels with the franchise. Releasing it on the same night as Saw 3D, it’s guaranteed to slay that and the other competition.

PA2 is one of those films you either love or loathe, get it or don’t. However, it doesn’t matter where you stand, watching that teaser brings up revolting thoughts and arguments on why sequels suck.

I enjoyed the creepiness of the first. It was original. It was independent. It was interesting. However, there were flaws… and it’s now time for them to be debunked. Read the rest of this entry »